Ask The Star Geezer

Ask The StarGeezer
If you’ve ever gazed out across the night sky with awe and wonder you understand our passion for astronomy. For nearly 35 years StarGazing has been a favorite avocation. I took a few astronomy courses back in college but, by and large, most of my knowledge of astronomy has been self taught. Learning is fun when you love the subject.
Over the past few years I’ve had the priviledge of presenting dozens of “star parties”. We’ve done programs for our local parks department, the YMCA, FFA, Scout groups, civic and fraternal organizations, astronomy clubs and neighbors out in the back yard. Stimulating an interest in astronomy and science for kids is especially gratifying.
One fact remains constant. The more I learn, I realize how little I know. The great thing about astronomy and cosmology is that there’s always a new discovery, celestial event or theory to explore. I find that I learn a lot through the questions from others.
So go ahead, fire away. Have a question about the night sky, observing, the planets, Moon or Sun? Whether your question is about something you saw in the night sky, choosing a first telescope, outdoor lighting and light pollution, I’d love to hear from you…and we’ll try to answer your question as best we can or , occasionally, we’ll j ust make something up!
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