March 31, 2007

Turn Down the Lights During National Dark Sky Week April 17-24

April 17-24 is National Dark Sky week 2007. Now in it’s fifth year, “NDSW” is observed during the week of April’s new Moon to raise public awareness of the growing impact of glare from poorly designed lighting on the night time environment. Inefficient outdoor lighting wastes billions of dollars in energy in north America each year and casts a hazy blanket of light over the sky which washes out our view of all but the brightest stars.



east_us.jpgYou can do your part by turning off unnecessary outdoor lighting and asking your neighbors and local businesses to do the same. After Dark Sky Week consider replacing poorly designed outdoor fixtures which allow glare to escape upward. The best solution is “full cutoff” motion sensor fixtures.

The satellite image at the left shows glare from man made lighting which is visible from space over North America. Every bit of this glare is wasted energy.




adlogo.gifSaturday, April 21st is Astronomy Day, 2007. Astronomy clubs, groups and individuals with a love of astronomy and stargazing will be holding “star parties” at locations around the world.

Click here for more information on National Dark Sky Week.

For energy efficient, night sky friendly fixtures visit Starry Night Lighting.

Click below to play the StarGeezer Astronomy interview with NDSW founder Jennifer Barlow discussing Dark Sky Week.


ratsw.gifOur report on NDSW is sponsored by Science Connection the network for single people interested in science or nature

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