February 28, 2007

Join the World-Wide Star Count!



How many stars DID YOU see?
Glare from poorly designed, inefficient outdoor lighting is ruining our view of the stars. It’s estimated that poor lighting wastes about 3 billion dollars in energy annually in the U.S. alone and there are lighting related health issues, including breast cancer.

The window for making Globe at Night observations closed on March 21st. Reports of your observations may be submitted through March 31st. This is a project of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Tucson. You can contribute valuable data about sky glare in your neighborhood and learn a little astronomy

For a link to charts showing “limiting magnitude” click on the chart above.

Please participate in National Dark Sky Week April 17-24.

Learn more here

Click below for our Podcast interview with Dr. Connie Walker of the NOAO. Listen and learn how you can participate in the GLOBE at Night Star Count!


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