April 23, 2007

StarGeezer Astronomy Good Neighbor Lighting Award for May, 2007


Taters 002.jpgA new feature here on the StarGeezer website is the “Good Neighbor Lighting” award of the month. This award will be presented a business or individual homeowner who, through the installation of properly sheilded outdoor lighting fixtures, is doing their part to protect the starry night skies in their neighborhood.
The StarGeezer Astronomy Good Neighbor Lighting Award for May, 2007 is presented to Tater’s Restaurant, Elizabeth, Indiana. Owners Phillip and Tina Tate opened Tater’s restaurant during the summer of 2006. Not long after opening the Tate’s installed a dusk to dawn light above the restaurant’s parking lot. Dusk to dawn lights waste a tremendous amount of energy throwing glare offsite and into the sky. Tater’s is located just down the road from my home. I asked the Tates to have a shield installed on the fixture and they agreed. The local power utility installed a shield on the fixture a few days later.

Congratulations to the Tates and Tater’s Restaurant, Elizabeth, IN as the first recipient of the StarGeezer Astronomy Good Neighbor Lighting award. If you live in southern Indiana, please show your appreciation for their efforts to preserve dark skies by patronizing Tater’s Place 4405 N Hwy 11 SE, Elizabeth, In (812) 969-3484.
Every month we will feature a business or homeowner who is doing their part to protect the night sky environment. We welcome nominations from your area. If you know of a business in your area which has installed dark sky friendly lighting please bring them to our attention. Message me here
We will also be presenting a monthly “Not So Bright” lighting award to businesses who are creating glare and sky glow with excessive poorly designed unshielded lighting.

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