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Star-Geezer-ToGo1StarGeezer To Go Astronomy Star Parties at Your Place

Have a StarGeezer Astronomy Star Party at your next event! Planning a birthday party, school or church program, special event, retreat or team building conference? Treat your guests to a unique real time tour of the cosmos!

Presented by StarGeezer Astronomy founder Mark Steven Williams your “star party” program will include telescope views of celestial objects like the Moon, Planets, double star clusters and galaxies.

The evening will begin with a visual “tour” of the visible constellation, “birthday stars” and a brief description of the evenings planned observing. If requested, your guests will receive special star maps of the night sky for the date of your event and other astronomy booklets.

Mark makes your “spaceflight” enjoyable, lighthearted and fun with lots of audience participation and interaction.To_Go_Equipment_

Our astronomy equipment includes a 10 inch Dobsonian reflector telescope, a 90mm Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector telescope or 8 inch GPS/computer controlled Meade LX-200 telescope,  a laser star pointer (that some kids find more fascinating than the telescope), laptop PC with planetarium software, an electronic eyepiece which will send live, real time telescope views to your television, a 50 watt professional sound system with professional wireless microphone and a variety of visual eyepieces.

Our basic package is a  2 hour StarGeezer star party at your event in Harrison, Floyd and Clark counties, Indiana and parts of Jefferson county, Kentucky. Mileage charges apply for programs in Oldham, Shelby, Bullitt, Spencer and other counties.

For more information or reservations email us

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