Saturn's Summer Special

While Summer 2017 will certainly be remembered as the season of the Great American Eclipse I have another highlight sky gazers shouldn’t miss. The ringed giant, Saturn, reaches opposition June […]

The Perseids go to the Dogs!

When the best meteor shower of the year peaks one day before new Moon you owe it to yourself to spend at least a little time out under the late […]

A Celestial Birthday Celebration

This last full week of April brings my Granddaughter Sophie’s 8th birthday and several easily enjoyed celestial wonders for backyard stargazers. The Moon was new on Saturday the 18th and […]

Comet Encounter at Mars

In January, 2013, prolific comet hunter Rob McNaught discovered his 44th long period comet. This tiny interloper from the Oort cloud, now known as C 2013 A1 Siding Spring, was […]