Watch Io and Europa cast their shadows on Jupiter’s face Monday evening

Jovian Double Shadow Transit 19 Jun 17

Recently keen eyed observers have been treated a series of Jovian double shadow transits. You ask “What is a Jovian double shadow transit”?

Occasionally the Galillean moons of Jupiter, Io, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa or their shadows may be seen transiting (crossing) the disc of the planet.

A double shadow transit is even more fascinating, and rare.

Monday evening, June 19th, observers here in North American will be treated to a “prime time” double shadow transit featuring Jovian moons Io and Europa.

The double transit will be brief, just 34 minutes, Monday evening from 10:04-10:38 pm.

Conditions here in southern Indiana will be very favorable, clear skies, mild temperatures and low humidity.

I will be observing the shadow transits at a small gathering. If you would care to join me, email me with your mobile number or email address and subject “TRANSIT”

The graphic above was produced with Stellarium software.

Observation will be on private property