Observing Sol at the Louisville Hamfest

We had a most enjoyable visit with a group of “sun worshippers” at the Greater Louisville Hamfest. Using our Starblast reflector and homebrew “Sun Funnel” projection system we had a delightful time observing the Sun and glimpsing sunspots.


Solar observing is much more interesting if sunspot regions are visible on the Sun’s disc. I was rather disappointed when first glimpses revealed no spots. Severe storms were approaching and there was lots of humidity as we watched the Sun dance in and out behind cumulus clouds. Seeing changed as we were wrapping up our observing session. Suddenly two fine sunspots groups, consisting of four solar storms, appeared much to the delight of our guests.

We enjoyed observing with Dan, KB4CF; Tom, KU4VG; Don, N4XRP and XYL Sandy and Andy, K5QO. It was great meeting Mary, KD9CHH and David, KC9UVG who travelled from Evansville, IN to attend the Louisville hamfest.

I also want to thank Magda, KM4EGE, for her presentation on the HamSCI eclipse propagation project and everyone who visited our booth and picked up Eclipse Shades and HamTagZ key fobs.